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Susannah’s Healing Bundle


The Healing Bundle has two guided meditations with music to activate mind/body healing and support deep rest, an EFT Tapping meditation to enhance self love, a prayer for trust and a track for those moving through the journey of cancer.

  • Deep Dive Journey for Healing (30 mins)
  • The Cocoon Healing Journey (37 mins)
  • Deepen into Self Love (9 mins)
  • A Prayer for Trust and Healing (9 mins)
  • Respite From Cancer Meditation (12 mins)


Use these meditations regularly to nourish and support your journey to greater emotional and physical wellbeing.

“What a beautiful healing meditation. It literally pulled me out of a dark tunnel.” Ana

“Thank you, this meditation is so healing. I feel like I can cope…” Astrid

“This cocoon of resonance is exactly what I needed; trust, love and warmth within the quantum field of potential. I am heading towards healing, freedom and fulfillment.” Cassy

“This was the most beautiful experience! Your voice is golden with light, kindness, and peace, and the things I envisioned were truly wonderful. Thank you!” Jane

“This meditation is exactly what I needed and I believe now I will be healed, as I can see it.” Debbie


Listen to Samples

Deep Dive Journey for Healing

The Cocoon Healing Journey

Deepen Into Self Love

A Prayer for Trust and Healing

Respite from Cancer


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