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Susannah’s Sleep Bundle


Each Sleep audio has words and music to relax your body, soothe your mind and help you drift into dreamtime.

  • Guided Journey into Sleep (60 mins)
  • Back to Sleep Journey (30 mins)
  • Tap To Wind Down for Sleep (14 mins)
  • Anna and the Whale Sleep Story (35 mins)
  • A Prayer for Peace and Presence (9 mins)


Wrap yourself up in Susannah’s Sleep Bundle and reclaim the ability to enjoy deep, restorative sleep, night after night.

“Slept like a cat.” Soraya

“Worked a treat.” Tanya

“When I came across your track it was like magic.” Barb

“Fell asleep very quickly and slept through the night, which is unusual for me.” S.S.

“This practice took me into a deep sleep, resting all night.” Kim

“I fell back to sleep & felt amazing when I woke up!” Colin


Listen to Samples

Guided Journey into Sleep

Back to Sleep Journey

Tap into Better Sleep

Anna and the Whale

A Prayer for Peace and Presence


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