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About Susannah Kenton

My passion for a lit-up life began in my teens when my mother and I “got high” on raw foods and wrote a book about it. That book became a bestseller and was published around the world. It led to several more book collaborations and decades of life-enhancing research, study and play.

Parallel to my passion for personal development I honored a calling in the performing arts. As an actress, voice artist, entrepreneur and coach I have been blessed to live some wonderful adventures: from singing on riverboats in Paris, to filming a documentary on Mt Kilimanjaro. From lighting up 22 billboards with “LOVE” in New Zealand, to touring the States as Anna in “The King and I.” From working with shamans in the Amazon jungle to voicing meditations and courses that awaken consciousness.

I have studied closely with wonderful teachers who have shaped my work including Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Denise Linn and Reverend Michael Beckwith. I’ve been trained in shamanic healing, hypnotherapy, EFT, nutritional consulting and space clearing. I’ve also studied tantra, mindfulness meditation, sacred ceremony and breath work.

I’ve facilitated workshops on wellness, creativity, empowerment and pleasure. Organizations I’ve taught for include: The Maine Media Workshops, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Mindful Living Community, The Foundation for Living Beauty, The Women’s Centre, Petersgate Counselling Centre and Red Tent.

I also work with clients around the world from my home in New Zealand. If you’re inspired to be one of them, reach out for a Light-Up Session on Zoom and let’s chat.

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