Misfortune or Gift?

Image of an ankle injury

I have come to believe I am a victim of nothing and that life is for me, not against me. When things are going smoothly it’s easy to roll with that, but in the face of loss, illness or injury it can be harder.

Nine months ago I hurt my ankle badly in a trampolining accident. For nearly two months I lay on my couch, unable to walk or participate in the activities that bring me joy.

There were moments of frustration, doubt and fear. But stronger than those was a trust that life was slowing me down, deepening me through the stillness, and that something magical was unfolding for me – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

During this time, even when I couldn’t stand, I wrote and voiced some beautiful meditations and guided sleep journeys for two apps – Pzizz and Soundly – which I probably would not have been able to do as well in my normal “busy mode.” I also became a mentor for a 6-month online mindfulness program.

Image of a pool

As I began to get better, I noticed a hunger to get back to physical activity. I didn’t have to force myself to exercise, I couldn’t wait!

My rehabilitation began with swimming laps in a pool. The first couple of times I hated it. My body felt stiff and my breathing was laboured. But by the third time a quiet joy started bubbling up inside. I remembered how much I loved to swim years ago and suddenly moving through the water became playful, blissful. From there I have been able to progress to weight training, boxing, indoor rock climbing, cycling in nature and even Latin dancing.

I am moving with more joy and gratitude than I have in years. I feel more present in my body, more empowered and more alive. I still have a ways to go in my recovery, but the rewards of this slowing down, turning within, and deepening into my body have been life changing.

​If you’re struggling in the face of challenge, whatever if may be, I encourage you to consider that life may be calling you deeper into your truth. What if the Universe really is for you, right now, 100%? Can you drop the story of misfortune? Can you find a gift?

Susannah Kenton

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