Dolphin Encounter

Last weekend in Kaikoura I got to do one of my favorite things on the planet – swim with wild dolphins.

The trip was especially lovely because I got to share it with my sister-in-law, Lada, and my twin nieces, Isabella and Demeter.

An underwater camera housing I tried out – not taken from a submarine, as it appears!

The conditions were perfect – a beautiful sunny day in the midst of what has felt like a month of rain.

Heading back to the dock I asked the guide if we could please see a whale too.

Sabine’s blue whale photo

Moments later a BLUE WHALE appeared and Sabine – another dolphin swimmer  – captured this gorgeous picture of its back.

The next day my nieces presented me with a tableau they made with dolphins and a whale cut out of ply wood and painted.

Isabella and Demeter’s art work

I am complete.

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