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Move Mountains With Prayer


Many of us may feel called to prayer at this time. We may witness heartbreaking humanitarian crises and ecological disasters, yet feel helpless in the face of them. Or, we may say to a loved one with a serious health challenge, “I’ll pray for you,” without really knowing how to action that. We may also have the desire to draw on greater support from Spirit for our own lives and lack clarity on how to call that in.

This course is designed to empower you with an effective form of prayer you can begin to use immediately to make a difference. You’ll learn to direct your thoughts away from fears and concerns and towards more of what you desire to experience and manifest. You’ll be guided to deepen into presence and draw words and inspiration from your higher self. And you’ll discover the impact prayer can have as you build faith through a practice that you can do by yourself or with others.

Unlike traditional forms of prayer, the Affirmative Prayer process taught in this course does not ask you to pray to an external God authority figure hoping your wishes will be granted. Instead, it acknowledges that we are all one with the power of the divine and by embodying this truth and making it conscious we can pray “from or with God” rather than “to God” – allowing ourselves to become a channel through which divine right order from the mind of the infinite can flow and be made manifest.

Move Mountains with Prayer takes you by the hand to build your foundation for prayer practice. You’ll be guided to overcome hurdles and find your own words and truth as you navigate the lessons. You’ll also co-create prayer interactively to grow your confidence step-by-step.

If you’re ready to discover the power of prayer to help you be the change you want to see, join Susannah.


In this lesson, we consider the effectiveness of prayer, meditate on answered prayer, and consider the work of scientists who study the impact of prayer/intention on material reality. Susannah shares personal prayer demonstrations that helped grow her faith.

You’re invited to simply meditate to an Affirmative Prayer to clear resistance and get your prayer juices flowing as you embark on developing your own inspired and effective prayer practice.

Using EFT tapping, this lesson helps you release concepts of the Divine you may have outgrown so that you can align with Source energy more gracefully and authentically as the backbone of your prayer work. (If you’ve never tapped before please check out Susannah’s Tapping Basics for Beginner’s audio and watch the tapping points video before listening to this lesson.)

This lesson explores several practices that can help you embody a direct awareness of presence or Source energy which you’ll use to empower your prayers. It also touches on the first three steps of the Affirmative Prayer process.

This lesson takes you through the steps in the Affirmative Prayer process. You’ll be guided with example phrases first and then invited to share your own words. As the lesson unfolds, you’ll co-create a prayer for your abundance.

Continuing to strengthen your practice, this lesson invites you to pray for healing for a loved one. This time you’ll be asked to just speak the Realisation step, using details that can best support the person you’re praying for.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to pray with another as well as with a group to supercharge your results. You’ll be guided to set up a sacred circle prayer practice which you can use to build community and bring healing and transformation.

Our final lesson shows you ways to weave the elements of prayer into your daily life. It closes with a prayer of integration and blessing to help you deepen into trusting yourself and allowing the Divine to infuse your prayers with power.


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