Light-Up Coaching Packages


  • Ideal if you need a boost in a particular area of your life. Maybe you want to transform your health, but don’t know where to begin. Or, you need support to process an experience that feels challenging and open to a new perspective. The Step-Up package is your catalyst for quick, focused change.

    One session per week for three weeks

    • (3) 60-minute sessions

    • Email check-ins and support between sessions


  • Next Level support for clearing out energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that may have held you back for years. Maybe you need help breaking an unhelpful habit. Or you feel stuck in a relationship or work pattern that isn’t serving you. Accelerate helps you address one or more areas of personal transformation. You’ll experience powerful shifts and tangible results. You’ll also embody life-affirming practices to align with your dreams and step into living them.

    One session per fortnight for 12 Weeks

    • (6) 60-minute sessions

    • Email support between sessions

    • 1 FlipIt!*

    • 1 Intention Activator Audio**

    • 1 Tapping Audio/Video***


  • The most all-encompassing of the coaching programs, Transform is ideal if you are in a transition or experiencing rupture in some area. You’ll clear blocks, unleash your deepest desires and experience “light up” in your own unique way. We’ll address challenges, shift habits, help you reconnect with what you truly want and empower you to begin a new life that feels authentic, connected and deeply rewarding.

    One session per fortnight for 6 Months

    • (12) 60-minute session

    • Email support between sessions

    • Intention Activators, Tapping Audios and FlipIts! as needed

    • Private SMS support

Coaching Workshops

If you’re interested in a workshop for your group or organization – either via Zoom or in person – contact Susannah to co-create something magical.

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Image of Susannah Kenton holding a Tapping Workshop

* FlipIt! A powerful process to transform a limiting story you’re stuck in into a new story that lights you up and frees you to take empowered action.

** Intention Activator: An audio recording to guide you into your connection with Source and activate the manifestation of your intentions.

*** Freedom/Focus Tapping: An audio (or video) to help clear challenging issues, focus your attention and align your energy to create more of what you desire.

Struggling financially? If you can’t afford coaching, but feel passionately about working with Susannah, please reach out via email. You may qualify for one of her limited coaching exchange/Pay it Forward spots.


“Susannah has the ability to listen intuitively to the depths of what lies behind the issues you are working on and take you right to the core to clear them. I am eternally grateful for the transformation she has brought about in my life.”
“Coaching with Susannah has given me tools I can use when I feel overwhelmed or vulnerable. My life is different and it’s not a fad or short-lived change.”

“I was feeling hopeless in my quest for weight loss. Now weight loss feels achievable. Susannah addresses the complexities of eating and weight in a sacred, gentle and effective way. She honours your whole being rather than just numbers on a scale.”


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